Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms

Zachs Plumbing warrants that our work will be free of any material and workmanship defects. If either the material used in a job is faulty/defective or the work performed is faulty/subpar, then we will return and correct the defect free of charge. The following terms and conditions apply:

Reach out to us by phone (voice or text) to request warranty service. Be sure to state that you are requesting warranty service. It is helpful (but not necessary) if you provide a copy of the original voice and/or other relevant details (date, name, address, description of work performed) pertaining to the original job.

Customer must have paid the invoice in full for the original work.

Alleged defect must have occurred within 90 days of the original job date. Warranty service request should be made within a reasonable time after the defect is first noticed.

Warranty service calls are scheduled with the same priority/urgency as regular calls, i.e. we will not schedule a warranty call for a weekend or afterhours unless it’s an emergency.

Upon inspection of the alleged defect we shall make a professional diagnostic assessment of the defect’s cause and propose a solution. If we determine that there was a defect in material or workmanship, we shall repair it free of charge. If we determine that the problem is unrelated to the original work performed, then we will charge you for the new repair job.

In order for a customer to NOT be charged when claiming a warranty, the onus is on the customer to prove that there is a problem that is covered under warranty. A minimum “trip fee” charge will be assessed if the customer made the warranty claim in good faith but it then turns out upon visiting that there is no covered incident (either because the problem has already been resolved, it’s unrelated to the previous problem, or the problem cannot be replicated/observed upon visiting). It is important that the customer be sure that the problem is documented (by video) and/or observable. We cannot fix a problem that we cannot see/detect.

We warranty the specific work we do, NOT general outcomes. If the original job was “to fix a leak”, and a few days later another leak in the same area is discovered, we will not fix the new leak under warranty unless it’s from a defective part/work that we used in the original repair. A leak from a different pipe or fitting is not covered. Moreover, even a leak within the same fixture will not be covered if it’s unrelated to the problem and solution within the original job.

For example, say there is a dripping faucet and we decide to install a new stem washer as a repair. We test the work and it all seems fine, the leak has stopped. A month or two later, you start noticing a drip again, this time slower and tinier than before but still annoying. You call us for warranty service and upon examination we discover that a pitted brass seat is causing the leak. We will recommend installing new brass seats and charge you for it. That’s because the original work (new washers) was performed successfully and was not defective. The new leak is from the same fixture but is being caused by something different from the precious problem and solution thereof. We make every attempt to check double check and triple check our work to ensure that our repair work actually solves problem. Nevertheless, in rare cases there may be some defective component that lingers and is not noticed/detected in the first visit. Such a defect will NOT be covered under warranty. (Using the previous example, if it’s discovered that the stem washer we installed is torn/damaged, then the repair would be covered under warranty.)

Do not hesitate to make a legitimate request for warranty service. There is no limit to the number of times warranty service will be given. Hypothetically, if we installed a new valve that turns out to be defective, and so does the second and third, then we will be back a fourth, fifth and sixth time. We will never tire or give up until we either make it right or give you your money back.